[dt_sc_widgets widget_name=”RevSlider_Widget” widget_wpname=”widget_rev-slider-widget widget_revslider” widget_wpid=”rev-slider-widget-1″ rev_slider_title=”” rev_slider=”3″ rev_slider_pages=”” /][dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_three_fourth first][dt_sc_hr_title tag=”h2″]Enrichment[/dt_sc_hr_title][dt_sc_widgets widget_name=”WP_Widget_Text” widget_wpname=”widget_text widget_text” widget_wpid=”text-1″ title=”” text=”We offer three sessions of optional Enrichment programs throughout the year, designed to supplement your child’s education. These specialized classes are currently offered to our Children’s House students and take place after their classroom day concludes, at 3:00pm. The classes are taught by highly-qualified instructors, who offer expertise in diverse content areas. Tuition, class size, and duration of enrichment classes varies by instructor. Classes offered in the 2014-5 school year were: Art, Music, Yoga, Sewing, and Dance. To find out more about our current offerings, please call 585.256.2520.” /][/dt_sc_three_fourth]